W. J. MacDonald Law Corporation - Business Law

Business Law


We are here to provide legal advice for your business.  You are a critical part of our team to provide the best legal solution for your business.



When you are setting up a business, consult us to:

  • Determine whether you need a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation to run your business;
  • Write a partnership agreement or incorporate your company;
  • Advise you about the meaning of loan or guarantee documents;
  • Negotiate a lease for premises or equipment;
  • Prepare an agreement to purchase a business, property or assets;
  • Write or review franchise agreements;
  • Write standard form contracts for your business;
  • Prepare shareholders agreements.

When your business is operating, we can:

  • assist you in negotiating and drafting contracts;
  • help you resolve disputes;
  • advise you on hiring and firing employees; 
  • advise you about doing business in other provinces and countries and work with lawyers in those jurisdictions to protect your interests;
  • advise you on your rights under contracts or general law;
  • reorganize your business or assist you in selling shares or partnership units to others.

If you decide to get out of business, we can help you:

  • sell your business;
  • arrange for the transfer of the business to your children or beneficiary;
  • dissolve your company